December 12, 2019

Managing Anxiety with Biofeedback

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Worrying is natural.  Anxiety is a normal and health emotion. In some situations, anxiety can be beneficial. Such as a big dance recital, sports event, going to a job interview or giving a speech may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous, resulting in a good result as we practice more and more in anxiety. But however some of us are very overwhelmed by worrying on a daily basis. Those who have experience of
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Harisha. M, Speech-language Pathologist at Progressive care INTRODUCTION Definition: Central Nervous System (CNS) Vasculitis is among a family of rare disorders characterized by the inflammation of blood vessels, which restricts blood flow and damages vital organs and tissues. CNS vasculitis can block the vessels that supply the brain and spinal cord, causing potentially life-threatening complications such as loss of brain function, or stroke.1 Causes: The cause of CNS vasculitis is not fully understood by researchers.
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November 17, 2019

Diabetic Neuropathy

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Introduction Diabetic neuropathy is a progressive functional loss of nerve fiber, often damages legs and feet nerves. It is seen as common complication in 50% of diabetes mellitus patients. Overview Depending on which type of nerve affected, it can range the symptoms of mild pain to severe damage affecting the other parts of body. It can be any of four types developing gradually from mild unnoticing symptoms to severe painful, disabling problem which can even
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November 15, 2019

Activities of Daily Living

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Activities of daily living include mobility, self-care, management of the environment, hardware and devices, communication and home management activities Daily living activities separated into two areas: Basic ADL. Instrumental ADL. Basic ADL include self-care such as bathing, showering bowel and bladder management, dressing undressing etc. Instrumental ADL include more advance level skill in all performance use of executive function, social skill, and environmental interaction. Factors to consider in ADL evaluation and training –the therapist must
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November 13, 2019


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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder involves a persistent and frequent pattern of developmentally inappropriate inattention and impulsivity ,with or without hyperactivity ‘DSM-IV’.A child without hyperactivity has attention deficit disorder and a child with hyperactivity has attention deficit disorder. Both are implicated in learning disorders and can influence the behavior of a child at any, except cognitive level, except for moderate to profound mental retardation. The cause is unknown. Several theories like biomechanical, sensor motor, physiologic and
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