Cerebral Palsy concluding events at Progressive Care

  • October 16, 2018
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India has been celebrating Cerebral Palsy day on 02nd October every year.On this occassion,we had two great days (13th & 14th October 2018) as concluding events on Cerebral Palsy for parents as well as professionals.

Addressing the parents & professionals, Dr Aniruddha Kumar Purohit (Neurosurgeon & Founding member-IACP) has highlighted the following points:

-> Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy (IACP) has been established in 2004 prior to that Indian Family of Cerebral Palsy (IFCP) was (voluntary charitable organization dedicated for the welfare of children and adults with cerebral palsy) established but still parents of affected children lack about the cerebral palsy

-> Hyderabad Cerebral Palsy Centre will be established especially for Hyderabad

-> It is very difficult for the affected children to transit to another city for cerebral palsy treatment, certain efforts will be taken to build and spread the team in entire India

-> Central Govt (under National Trust act) is offering one lakh rupees as reimbursement to the cerebral palsy affected children through Nirayama scheme

-> There is much need to make people aware of cerebral palsy and certain events will be conducted in future to prevent at an early stage

Progressive Care under the guidance of Dr. Purohit has developed an exclusive center for Cerebral Palsy where professionals from all fields of work come together and treat kids with Cerebral Palsy

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