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Physiotherapy: Everything you Need to Know About

Everything you Need to Know About Physiotherapy Image source: Shutterstock Most people do not know which health professional to go to when they have functional issues. Visiting a wrong health professional may cause inconvenience, delay healing, or affect an individual’s overall health. For all kinds of functional issues, you should promptly reach out to a …

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Javelin Throwers Elbow (or) Golf Elbow

Javelin Thrower’s Elbow

Javelin Thrower’s Elbow Javelins Thrower’s Elbow is mostly caused by overuse. Javelin throwers elbow is a sprain or injury to the medial ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow, which is easily susceptible to injury. As the injury is commonly seen in javelin throwers, it is named javelin throwers elbow. Javelin Thrower’s Elbow happens when a …

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