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Answer for every common and life style disease we suffer. But what to eat? Why to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? Uh…!!CONFUSED…..Here are some interesting reasons to know how important Nutrition and Dietetics all for healthy life.



Process of providing or obtaining food necessary for health and growth of an individual. Similarly nutrition involves identifying how certain diseases and conditions may be caused by dietary factors such as poor nourishment, food allergies, food intolerance, imbalanced Diet etc. Nutrition is basically a study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them and the relationship between diet, health and disease.



It is a source of nourishment, component of food for example carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamin, minerals, water, fiber etc.



Dietetics on other hand is the interpretation and communication of nutrition as required by the body. It helps to make informed and practical choices for food and lifestyle in both health and disease.

Finally, eating well is eating variety of foods that give nutrients to maintain your health, feel good, and provide energy. Having wholesome, well balanced, nutritious diet ensure you with healthy life, stress free mind and increased vitality.


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