How physiotherapy helps stroke patients?

  • Physiotherapy helps stroke patients in gaining back strength of the affected limb or side. 
  • Physiotherapy helps in retraining balance in people with stroke. 
  • Physiotherapy helps in performing daily activities by functional training of the patients with stroke. 
  • Physiotherapy interventions help returning the patient to their previous jobs by simulating the workplace. 

How physiotherapy is done for back pain?

  • Back muscles are examined and the problem is narrowed to a specific muscle or vertebra. 
  • Usually back pain is treated with a combination of core muscle exercises and electrotherapy. 
  • Posture correction is done for maintaining proper muscle alignment. 
  • Manual mobilization with movement is given to move stuck vertebrae and relieve pain. 

How physiotherapy machine works?

There are several types of physiotherapy machines which work on simple physics principles. For instance: 

  • Electrical muscle stimulator works with microcurrent to stimulate muscles to contract. 
  • The ultrasound machine works on ultrasonic waves of different frequencies. 
  • The IFT machine works with two different currents which meet at a specific point to provide interferential therapy. 
  • The laser therapy works on different wavelengths of lasers to promote fast wound healing. 
  • The lumbar/cervical traction machine creates a static pull set up at a particular speed to stretch out muscles and vertebrae. 
  • The shortwave diathermy machine works on electromagnetic waves and provides deep heat to the tissues. 

How physiotherapy is performed?

Physiotherapy is performed on patients with the help of various devices and manual techniques. 

  • The manual physiotherapy performed on patients comes under mobilization of joints and fascia. 
  • Manual physiotherapy also consists of exercises and stretches performed on the patient. 
  • There are many devices which help in mobilizing the affected joints. 
  • The advancements in the field of physiotherapy ensure pain relief and muscle tension release. 
  • Various devices are used to address the disorders for effective pain relief and rehabilitation. 

How physiotherapy helps arthritis?

  • Arthritis is a joint condition which presents with pain, swelling and weakness of muscles. 
  • Physiotherapy helps in reducing the pain and swelling by giving the patient electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. 
  • Gentle exercise plan is incorporated initially to maintain joint movement and muscle health. 
  • In long a progressive load exercise plan is given to strengthen muscles and joints to prevent further damage.

Can physiotherapy be done on a pregnant patient?

  • This particular branch of physiotherapy is called antenatal physiotherapy. 
  • Pregnant ladies need a lot of exercises for a good healthy pregnancy period. 
  • Many core exercises are incorporated to ensure better posture during and after pregnancy. 
  • Upper limb and lower limb strengthening is included in the exercise program with gentle but effective exercises. 
  • Strengthening exercises are often taught without heavy weights to prevent any discomfort. 
  • Breathing exercises and techniques are taught to be used while in labour and in the third trimester.
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