About Progressive Yoga: Classes & Yoga Benefits

About Progressive Yoga: Classes & Yoga Benefits

What is Progressive Yoga?

Progressive Yoga is one of the forms of yoga in which it combines traditional form of yoga in a modern way techniques combining cardio vascular exercises, stretches (partner stretch in group session), with lots of variation of traditional posture which not only help in getting posture alignment better and also makes you agile, toned, strong and flexible.It conducts three types of sessions which are namely group sessions,private sessions and corporate sessions.

What are the Benefits of doing yoga ?

  • Helps in flexibility, regulation of metabolism, muscle strengthening, being more toned, improving your spine alignment.
  • Helps in regulating hormones, and thus keeps endocrine glands healthy.
  • Helps in getting your breathing pattern better, and thus helps in respiratory system.
  • Helps in taking out all the blockages in the body and thus giving the energy to flow throughout the body, making the body more healthy and agile.
  • Helps in in being better in physical awareness, breath along with mental awareness
  • Helps in improving digestion.
  • Helps in in getting your mind clear and being more aware of thoughts with the practice of pranayam and relaxation.
  • Helps in the overall wellbeing.

Should you do yoga only if you are flexible?

We don’t do yoga only if we are flexible, rather we do yoga and become flexible. It’s the practice of yoga which will make your body more flexible to practice /perform yogasana. With regular practice one can master the asana and even if someone has stiff body, with regular asana practice one can train their muscles to stretch and further be more flexible than its usual potential.

How is the private session different from group session?

Private session are completely different from group session. As the private session are customized and designed only on the goals of the individual, eg : most of the private session are conducted on the therapy demand someone who has health issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, Back pain, PCOS/PCOD, Hypo thyroid, Obesity, Insomnia, Migraine, Osteo arthritis, so the private session/therapy session will be conducted having postures beneficial only for the health problems which is different than general fitness session.

Whats the minimum time needed to see the difference/results of yoga practice?

Well, everybody is different and respond differently on the practice of yoga. But in majority there are few factors that actually determines the time needed to see the results of the yoga practice. Also that, what are all the goals to determine the result. If the goal is related to health, the practice has to be regular (min 5-6 days/week) for minimum 6 months. But if the results/goals are only related to physical results, you can start seeing the difference in the first month follower by other improvements in the coming months of practice.

I am an Athlete, can I do yoga?

Yoga is very beneficial for athletes considering that they need to maintain high level of stamina, endurance, flexibility and focus. Most of the athletes tend to have stiff muscle due to longer duration of practices, so some of the postures are very good for over all flexibility, and releasing stiffness from the body. And some other postures will focus on particular body part stretching. And apart of physical stretching athletes will be provided with mental relaxation by the practice of Pranayams and Meditation.

I am 60 years old and didn’t do yoga before. Can I start doing yoga and do I have to join group or private session?

You can start yoga at any age provided you don’t have any issues which would limit your movement (like Paralysis, or Amputation). Also you cannot start with a group class in the beginning you can only start in a private session and later you might join the group session having people of your age group so that the pace and the postures are convenient for you and the whole group participating in it

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