Language Stimulation at Home

Language Stimulation at Home

Language Stimulation at Home (or) Language Development

Tips to Parents for Language Stimulation at Home

 Almost every child spends their time with the family members at home during their early years. Family members want the child to express his/her emotion and they involve in creating learning environment around the child. This helps the child to communicate and learn language quickly.

It’s important to parent to know what helps the child in learning language age appropriately.

  • Parents need to increase the curiosity in child to learn and explore things. For eg: give him any object and ask him to play with it without naming. Then name the object and say him that he played with it
  • Facial expressions help better to get clues when you talk to the child. So use facial expressions, body movements and hand movements while talking to the child.
  • Quality of time you spend with the child is more important than the quantity. Instead of spending hours in feeding, cleaning and dressing, spend most of the time in playing with the child to make it more meaningful.
  • Most of the parents do the basic needs for the child time to time and doesn’t provide any opportunity for the child to communicate. Instead parents can wait for the child to express for his basic needs, wishes etc.
  • Social interaction is the best way to communicate. Encourage the child to interact with the peer group and enhance him to participate in different play activities.
  • Children are more attracted to listen and respond to varied intonation patterns spoken by adults. Ofcourse, monotonous speech is boring, so family members need to speak with great rhythm and tempo.
  • Follow the child’s lead. Talk about the toy, object, or activity that the child is looking at or shows interest in
  • Encourage the child to imitate a lot of different sounds and speech along with you.
  • Expose the child to a variety of experiences in his daily life, such as going to the park in the evenings, going to the parties, grocery shopping, etc. Explain about the objects, actions, place, colors, shapes, smells, etc. Books are great in gaining knowledge, but a child learns best by doing and by having first-hand experience.
  • Provide meaningful and pleasant language experiences for the child, such as story time during bed or/ talking games.
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