Calcaneal Spur or Heal Spur

Calcaneal Spur or Heal Spur


Calcaneal spur also known as Heel spur is a bony protrusion on the underside of heel bone i.e calcaneum formed due to calcium deposits. It is commonly associated with a condition called plantar fasciitis (inflammation of plantar fascia which runs along the bottom of the foot). It mostly occurs among athletes whose activities include more running and jumping.

Causes for Calcaneal Spur:

  • Strains on foot ligaments and muscles
  • Stretching of plantar-fascia
  • Repeated tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone.

Risk factors:

  • Running or jogging on rough surfaces
  • Obesity
  • Gait abnormalities – which place excess stress on the heel bone, ligaments and nerves.
  • Shoes with improper arch support
  • Age
  • Diabetes
  • Foot abnormalities like flatfoot or high arches
  • Placing more weight on 1 foot


  • Pain mainly while walking, running, and jogging
  • Pain worsens in the morning during the initial steps


  • X-ray
  • MRI – rarely recommended

Treatment for Calcaneal Spur:

  • Nonsurgical – Medical and Conservative management
  • Surgical treatment

Conservative Management – Physiotherapy includes:

  • Thermotherapy

Includes cryotherapy, moist heat, and contrast bath. Therapist would recommend depending on the client’s condition.

  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Low radiation Laser (Class IIIB)
  • Kinesotaping
  • Stretching exercises – Achilles tendon and plantar fascia
  • Correction or modification of footwear
  • Strengthening exercises for the muscles of foot

 Precautions to follow to avoid getting Calcaneal Spur:

  • Orthotic device – Night splints are recommended in combination with the conservative management
  • Heel inserts or heel spur pads are recommended
  • Wearing well – fitting shoes
  • Avoid wearing shoes with excessive wearing on soles and heel
  • If overweight – losing weight would also be helpful

If conservative therapy does not show improvement in the symptoms of calcaneal spur even after a period of 6 -9 months, then treatment moves to a higher tier.

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