Does Your Child Have Problem with A Normal Pencil Grasp and Know-How Occupational Therapy Helps?

Pencil Grasp Issues and Role of Occupational Therapy

Pencil Grasp

Does your child have problem with a normal pencil grasp? Know how Occupational Therapy can help.

Then it is the time to take occupational therapy. A formal evaluation by an occupational therapist is recommended to assess their fine motor, co ordination, strength, sensory processing and visual perception skill.Handwriting skills are an important developmental task and activity for kids. Through handwriting they are able to express themselves and communicate with the world around them.

How important is Hand writing skill in childhood?

Writing skills involves the ability to create words, sentences and paragraphs. Handwriting is complex skill. Handwriting requires pre-foundational skills that are essential for the development of handwriting. A child who develops proximal stability (strength of trunk, shoulder, upper arms, and forearms) will have better control of a writing utensil and will be able to develop better formation of letters. When a child progresses through gross motor developmental milestones, they develop the required proximal stability required for fine motor control. Early childhood development programs help children develop the foundational skills necessary for handwriting, but even the children who did participate in such programs may struggle. Some children with AUTISM, ADHD, SPD, and LEARNING DISABILITY also have difficulty in handwriting.


There are many components that an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST considers when assessing and working with a child with regard to handwriting.

These components include

  • Postural control and trunk stability,
  • pencil grasp and pressure,
  • visual perceptual and visual motor skills,
  • pencil control and fluency of movement,
  • letter or number recognition and formation (start ,sequence ,sizing, spacing, control)
  • spatial organizations

Occupational Therapist will demonstrate proper posture to support the proper use of the arms, hands, head and eyes.

  • Analyze fine motor control ,such as the ability to hold a writing utensil
  • Develop visual and perceptual ability that influence a child’s ability to form a letter and shapes using a writing utensil
  • There are many activities that can develop a tripod grasp such as playing with water guns, pinching clothes pins or squeezing droppers.
  • We have some  pre-writing skill activities. This development sequence is vertical line, cross shape, triangle etc.,

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