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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Image source: Shutterstock Frozen shoulder also known as Adhesive capsulitis is characterized by only pain initially and then progression to restricted joint range of motion of the glenohumeral joint along with pain. The condition recovers partially or completely over the course of time. Stages of frozen shoulder Freezing stage (painful shoulder) (2-9 months) …

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Vertigo (or) Benign positional vertigo

Vertigo (Head Spinning Issue): Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatment

Vertigo (Head Spinning Issue): Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatment Vertigo is the sense of the world moving, rotating, rocking, or spinning that is experienced even when a person is holding perfectly still. Some people use the term vertigo interchangeably with dizziness to describe a variety of symptoms, ranging from balance issues and difficulty with walking …

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Dysphagia Dysphagia is a delay in or misdirection of a fluid or solid food bolus as it moves from the mouth to the stomach Swallowing can be devided into 4 stages Oral/preparatory stage Oral phase Pharyngeal phase Esophagealphase Symptoms of Dysphagia: – Usually defined as any perceptible change in bodily function that the patient notices. This …

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Dysarthria SPEECH IN DYSARTHRIA Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder.  It happens due to the impaired movement of the muscles used for speech production like lips, tongue, vocal folds, and/or diaphragm. There are several types of dysarthria and it depends on which area of the nervous system is affected. Based on the severity of damage …

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Plantar-Fasciosis, Plantar-Fasciopathy, Jogger's-Heel, Heel-Spur-Syndrome

What Is Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)? -Causes & its Treatment

What Is Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)? – Causes & Its Treatment What is Plantar Fasciitis(Heel pain)? Plantar Fasciitis is the Latin term for “inflammation of the plantar fascia”. The plantar fascia is a thick, fibrous ligament that runs under the foot from the heel bone to the toes. It forms the arch of the foot …

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